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Inner Mongolia Xin Yuan Graphene TecHnology Co. ,  Ltd  is located  at Ulanqab City tHe ce nter of Inner Mongolia, wHicH is ricH in energy and mineral resources.About 80 kinds of mineral resources Has been found and  29  0f tHem  Have  been  developed  and  utilized .in cluding coppe r, fluorite,grapHite, coal  and  otHer abundantreserves.ln order to promote tHe development of grapHite market and tHe study of carbon materials, we HaveestablisHed  G rapHite  New M ate rial Academician Wo rkstation  in jan uary 20 1 5 .Beneflted from tHe state strategic plan of developing  new energy in  rece nt years and tHe vast prospect of tHe1 3tH   Five-Year  Plan, Xin Yuan Have invested 200 million yuan to develop litHiu m ion battery grapHene anode mate rials    witH  annual  production  capacity of  I OOOO tons at tHe flrst stage of investment in order to meet tHe HigH power litHiu m ion battery 's req uirement on tHe quality stability and tHe scale of tHe main raw materials. Wealso cooperate witH tHe Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied  Electronics from TsingH ua U niversity ,CHangcHun Institute of Applied CHemistry from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hong Kong Nano and Advanced  M aterial  In stitute  Limited  and  become ind ustry-unive rsity researcH cooperation  partne rs  . We will devote ou rselves to providing tHe sou rce power for tHe core components of litHiu m ion batteries of new energy sources  in tHe im p rovement of tHe energy density and tHe safety performance.

Xinyuan Have built a strong team of R & D,  production and marketing. WitH 20 years of experience in litHiu m ion battery, professional knowledge, seasoned experience, unique compreHension . wide  network in tHe litHium ion battery from our team leaders, we will make full use of tHe strengtH of ricH grapHite mineral resou rces and differentiated power supply from Inner Mongolia to provide solutions and grapHene materials wHicH are of HigH energy, stability, safety and economy.




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