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About us

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Foshan Xinyuan Electronics Co.,Ltd, which is located in Nanhai District of Foshan City in Guangdong Province,is a profession capacitor manufacturer.The company takes an area of 50,000 square meters with modernized factory buildings and 900 employees. It has excellent surroundings and convenient transportation here. Our company is specialized in manufacturing capacitors with a yearly output of 4 billion that we have strong manufacturing capacity and timely delivery ability.The company's main business scope has the following several aspects:
1.A new kind of capacitor energy ,the series are:DC-link capacitor DL and Energy storage capacitor ES,Damping/surge absorption capacitor DS,High-frequency ac filter capacitor HF etc:
2.shunt reactive compensation capacitor,the series are :parallel BMPDCY dry metallized polypropylene capacitor,parallel oil metallized polypropylene capacitor BMPOCY;
3.Safety class capacitor,its series are:CL20,CL21,CL22,CL23,CL21X,CL21-X-B,CBB21,CBB22,CBB23,CBB81 are,CBB21X-B,CBB60,CBB61,CBB65,CH85,X1,X2,and other various models and pin pitch;

The main equipments and materials of the company are all form U.S,Japan.The company has a full line of film capacitor of 200 specifications in 12 categories at present,and it can design and manufacture according to clients' requirements.Its registered"Chuanyuan"products are selected as trustworthy ones by clients and the company passed the certification of ISO9001 international quality system and ISO14000 environment certification and accredited German VDE,U.S UL and Chinese CQC satety certifications.

Talent is the key point.The key factor for Xinyuan Electronics to develop with a yearly double-digit speed is the use of talents in a reasonable way.Xinyuan makes detailed employment plans every year and will makes strict selecctions.People with doctor degrees,master degrees,bachelor degrees and associate degrees and professional technicians in production lines are all the inexhaustible power for the technical development of Xinyuan Electronics.Every year,Xinyuan Electronics provides relative traning for its employees to send the engineers and top management to the best institution in the most advanced technology and manufacturing management experience.

Service comes first.The service commitment of Xinyuan Electronics is "service is always a step ahead of others.No matter what happens,Xinyuan Electronics will consider excellent service as the precondition to serve clients.After entry to the twenty first century, we are facing with new opportunities and challenges.Based on the principles of "honest,practical and innovative",our company adopts advanced scientific management,which has greatly accelerated the industrial and technical development.And meanwhile,our company actively takes participate in market competitions.For years,the company has been always holding fast to the operational philosophy of "taking a step forward every day and providing sincere service",
carrying forward the corporate spirit of "being forward,innovative and perfect-seeking"and adhering to the development policy of "management-talent-achievement-benefit"and stressed on management and image building.We firmly believe that with the mutual benefit we gained today we will create a bright future.We have strong manufacturing capacity and timely delivery ability and invite you sincerely to come for visit,suggestion and cooperation.