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ADD: Cha hou hou qi Mongolian science and Technology Park, Ulanqab City Inner Mongolia, China

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Inner Mongolia Xin Yuan Graphene TecHnology Co. ,  Ltd  is located  at Ulanqab City tHe ce nter of Inner Mongolia, wHicH is ricH in energy and mineral resources.About 80 kinds of mineral resources Has been found and  29  0f tHem  Have  been  developed  and  utilized .in cluding coppe r, fluorite,grapHite, coal  and  otHer abundantreserves.ln order to promote tHe development of grapHite market and tHe study of carbon materials, we HaveestablisHed  G rapHite  New M ate rial Academician Wo rkstation  in jan uary 20 1 5 .


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