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Foshan City Xin Yuan Electronic Co.,Ltd was founded in 1985, and moved to Dongguan from Inner Mongolia in 1999, with workshop area of about 500m2 and 30 employees, then relocated to Nanhai, Foshan in 2004, with workshop area of about 2,000m2 and more than 60 employees. Two years later, the company expanded workshop area to 6,000m2 and employed 250 people. In 2008, the company scaled up again with workshop area of 10,000m2 and a staff of 400 people. Today, the company intends to enlarge production scale and workshop area is expected to 20,000m2. It is rapidly developing with fixed assets of RMB 80 million and a staff of 650 people.

The company has been accelerating industrialization and technological innovation all the time, achieved mechanical and electrical integrated production, introduced production equipment and materials from America, Japan and Taiwan, and formed an annual production capacity of 2 billion pieces of full series thin film capacitors depending on full-featured configuration and extremely high professionalism. In 2011, the annual production capacity fulfilled 3bn pieces. Complete specification and variety of products and customizable design and production make the company powerful in productivity and timely delivery.

Now, the marketing network spreads over electronic markets in North China, South China and East China. Our company mainly provides products for the manufacturers of energy-saving lamps and electronic ballasts, can save energy by 40%-60% compared with common filament lamp and inductance rectifier, and are promising in the future in line with national energy conservation and emission reduction policy.