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Management innovation, full participation, efficient implementation, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement - Xinyuan Electro

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Management innovation, full participation, efficient execution, cost reduction and efficiency

            ——Xinyuan Electronics held Management Change“Project Launch Meeting
On June 8th, our company cooperated with the Fifth Institute of Electronics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (also known as “China Saibao Laboratory”, hereinafter referred to as “Saibao”). The start will be held smoothly. General Manager Xie Zhixuan, Deputy General Manager Xue Zhanqing, Zhang Guangtao, Director of Technology Progress Division of Foshan Economic and Information Technology Bureau Wan Saifang, Deputy Director of Technology Promotion Department of China Saibao Laboratory Chen Mo, Beijing Tianhua Jiu Ge Culture Development Co., Ltd. The company's chairman Cao Ge, Saibao project team and the company's middle and high-level functional departments and other more than 130 people attended the project kick-off meeting.
This “Management Change” project is another major decision for our company to face the market pressure of lower product prices, raw materials, labor and other rising costs, and actively seek for change. The project hired the team of Saibao experts, from the “lean production” and “the human resources management system with the competency model as the core”, to improve the efficiency, reduce the cost and enhance the market competitiveness.
At the project kick-off meeting, the general manager of the company, Xie Zhixuan, briefly explained the situation of the industry that is imperative to introduce this management reform, expressed his determination to carry out management changes, and issued a letter of appointment for the project team to the project team and all employees. Proposed ardent hope.
Zhang Guangtao, deputy general manager of the company and director of management change project, introduced the current situation of the company and the purpose of implementing the project. Mr. Zhang hopes to improve production efficiency, reduce waste, and build and optimize the company's compensation system and promotion mechanism through this management change, so that excellent employees and management cadres have a good career development channel, and truly realize the company, customers and employees. Win the goal.
The company's project team will formulate an incentive plan to reward those who perform well and achieve the goal in the project implementation process. I believe that everyone will play the enthusiasm and initiative of each of our Xinyuan family members during the implementation of the project. Develop and grow a contribution. Finally, the kick-off meeting came to an end in the solemn oath of the “Commitment on the Management Reform” by all members of the Xie and the project team.
Commitment has been established. We are full of fighting spirit, we eliminate all difficulties, we are brave in moving forward, we firmly believe in the improvement of lean; Xinyuan people, the same wind and rain, let us work together to jointly draw a beautiful blueprint for the future, and jointly embark on the bright road.


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