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Characteristics of China's power capacitor industry development

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At present, the main features of the development of China's power capacitor industry are as follows:

(1) Electrolytic capacitors, ceramic capacitors and organic film capacitors account for more than 90% of the total capacitor production. Among them, ceramic capacitors will still dominate the world capacitor market, and chip capacitors will dominate the ceramic capacitor and tantalum capacitor market. Miniaturization, large capacity, high voltage and high frequency, anti-jamming and arraying will continue to be the direction of ceramic capacitor development.
(2) Small size, large capacity, long life, high temperature resistance, low equivalent series resistance, etc. are still the development direction of aluminum electrolytic capacitors.
(3) Chip products continue to lead the development of tantalum capacitors in the direction of miniaturization, large capacity, and low impedance, and the production and application of functional polymer tantalum capacitors will be further expanded.
(4) The market demand and market share of plastic film capacitors will decline, but the demand for metallized plastic film capacitors will increase, and the demand for plastic film capacitors for information and communication equipment will increase, and plastic films for information and communication equipment will increase. The capacitor market will continue to expand. High frequency, meeting safety standards, high temperature resistance, miniaturization, and chip formation will be the development direction of this capacitor.
In short, the overall economic operation of the domestic capacitor industry is relatively stable. As a large capacitor producing country, it is the direction of our ultimate efforts.
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